ADVERTORIAL: Precast Garages Scotland can help you add to your space at home

A garage is not only a useful addition to your property that will add value but with many people spending more time at home it’s an extra space that can have multiple functions.

Precast Garages Scotland has an easy solution if you want to install a garage quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional bricks.

The Kilmarnock-based firm is part of the Garage Door Company Group- Scotland’s largest garage door supplier – and specialise in new precast concrete garages.

Working with the UK’s leading manufacturers, Lidget Compton and Hörmann, each garage is measured then made off-site to the exact size before the concrete panels are bolted together on-site with no mess or fuss.

The garages can come in any size with a finish that matches the cladding of your home and in any colour and you can also have any style of door, with over 50 styles to choose from.

“The beauty of these garages is they generally don’t need planning permission,” says Director Robert Turpie.

“Eveything comes in a made-to-measure kit so there’s no on-site cutting of materials.”

(Image: Steve McKendrick)

The cost difference is also striking.

A 6×3 metre brick built garage can cost up to £15,000 and is subject to planning permission and maybe months of building which is weather dependent.

“You can buy the same size  garage from us, that’s made to measure with your choice of finish and door, from around £5000 and it will be built in one day,” adds Robert.

There are many benefits.

People are spending more time at home and investing in their properties so this is a way of utilising dead space down the side or back of your house or a corner of the garden – and a very secure, lockable garage will add value to your home.

(Image: Steve McKendrick)

Many newbuild houses have garages that are too small so homeowners may want something that’s fit for purpose, while other people are turning the space into an office, home gym, or outside room, adding windows and a secure pedestrian door at the side.

Robert adds: “We have a new site in Bonnyton Industrial Estate in Kilmarnock which has many different style of garages on display with a range of different doors and coloured PVC fascias to help you decide which one is best for you.”

You can trust Precast Garages Scotland

Robust and durable

A garage built from prefabricated concrete is a built to last and will easily last as long as a brick one.

Design flexibility and value for money

A sectional concrete garage costs roughly half of what an equivalent brick structure costs, yet you still get to choose all of the design features you want – such as UPVC window frames, double-glazing and electrically powered garage doors – and you can still have virtually any size or style.

No need for planning permission

In Scotland, planning approval is generally not required for precast concrete buildings.

No need for an architect

We’ll listen to your requirements and guide you through the design and specification of the garage, from its size and style and the number of doors and windows, to the power connections and your access requirements.

Prompt and quick installation

Your garage can be built and in use within 4-6 weeks from when you place your order. Installation typically takes between just one and three days.

Fire-resistant structure

Your concrete garage will have metal roof-supports and any wooden components – for example if you opt for a timber window frame – are specially treated.

Quality assurance

Material quality and attention to detail play the central roles in all processes at the state-of-the-art production facilities.

You can visit the Precasr Garages Scotland website here, call the team on 08000 385825 and 01563 590010, or drop them an email at

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