Anger at ‘jungle playpark’ which has been left untended all year

Two Perth councillors and local residents have slammed the condition of a “jungle” playpark in Perth.

Perth City South representatives Willie Wilson and Liz Barrett have taken action on residents’ complaints about the lack of maintenance to the park and open spaces at Cornhill in Burghmuir.

The area was previously maintained by the Greenbelt Company who owned the land following completion of the housing development.

However, the Lib Dem councillors say that Greenbelt sold the land at Cornhill last year, and that there has been no maintenance carried out on the playpark area throughout 2021.

The grass and shrubbery surrounding the playpark equipment has overgrown considerably, with some of the equipment itself covered in bird droppings and dirt and one of the park benches shrouded in vegetation and partially broken apart.

Cllr Willie Wilson said: “I’ve written to the new owner asking for immediate action to clear up the playpark.

“The swings are covered in bird mess, the seats can’t be used, and the area is becoming a jungle with long grass and overgrown bushes.”

Fellow ward councillor Liz Barrett added: “It’s shocking that the playpark can’t be enjoyed by families over the summer holidays and it seems nothing can be done about it.

“We have also asked the council’s planning enforcement team to use their powers to ensure that this is tackled as soon as possible.”

The fundamental aim of Greenbelt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open.

It is for local authorities to define and maintain Greenbelt land in their local areas.

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