Council continues to develop workforce of the future

Aberdeen City Council is progressing its plans to equip and develop their workforce of the future. 

Last week the Staff Governance Committee welcomed the overarching plan for delivery of its approved workforce strategy – part of the Target Operating Model (TOM) 1.2 – and for engaging with employees as the council moves through the next phase of transformation on how we develop our future workforce together.  

The workforce delivery plan describes how having the right structures, skills, people and support, and supporting people to work in the right location for the demands of their role and the needs of our customers, can help enhance services whilst improving efficiency. 

Staff Governance Committee Convener, Councillor Neil Copland, said: “We welcome the progress made already in developing our workforce of the future.  

“The work that has been done so far in developing Guiding Principles and also in supporting policies and strategies across the council has been fantastic and, with this new plan in place, can continue over the coming years.” 

Vice-convener Councillor Gill Al-Samarai said: “Our staff helped to create our Guiding Principles and we look forward to hearing more ideas from them about how, as an organisation, we can deliver best for the people and place of Aberdeen as we move through our transformation journey.” 

Aberdeen City Council