EK business cleaning up virus mess for others

An East Kilbride cleaning company is helping in the battle against COVID-19 and to get businesses back up and running as we move out of lockdown.

Glen Contract Services offers cleaning, sanitising, giving bio-security for companies, staff and visitors for up to 30 days.

An electrostatic fogging machine is used and once sprayed, the droplets are drawn to surfaces.

Once dry, it will continually sanitise surfaces and kill pathogens.

The family business has been running in East Kilbride and was founded in 1989 by Fiona and Jim Kennedy.

They are now joined by their daughter Gillian Sinclair, who is operations director and Chris Kennedy, special clean director.

Based in Peel Park , they predominately cover the Lanarkshire and Glasgow area, cleaning commercial properties, but travel further afield if the contract requires.

They are the first cleaning company in Scotland to be recommended for and accredited by the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Gillian said: “This method is new to us and we started looking at it in the likes of care homes and retirement homes and alike to make it safe for residents and staff.

“Companies are also now looking at starting to go back to work in offices, so this is extra support for them in doing that.

“But we will do really any type if premises if they contact us.

“We have been doing fogging in beauty salons, including in the Village in East Kilbride, when they were preparing to open.

“It’s already proving really popular and if we can help make a difference then we are happy to do so.”

The solution used in the fogging is more natural – free from alcohol and harsh chemicals.

Instead it uses microscopic pins to pierce and rupture the cell walls of bacteria or virus.

It is effective against a whole host of bacteria, viruses, spores and parasites including salmonella, influenza, norovirus, Ebola and now coronavirus.

And it can be used safely in everything from offices, kitchens, restaurants and cars to veterinarian surgeries and agricultural.

Gillian added: “This gives people in new option in the fight against this virus .

“And also people that wouldn’t normally use us, are now getting in contact.

“All of our staff have to do specialised training on this through the British Institute of Cleaning Science and a specific course in biohazards and decontamination separately.

“It’s an exciting development and staff are volunteering to get involved in this sector and get the training.

“What we are doing helps protect the communities in East Kilbride and beyond which is a big part of it for us.”

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