Historic fountain re-instated at new Woodside Gateway

The Woodside Fountain has been re-instated to its original location as part of the new Woodside Gateway Feature, which was officially opened today (19 April) by Aberdeen’s Lord Provost.

The Gateway is a mini-park that prioritises walking, cycling, and wheeling, and serves to welcome people to the Woodside neighbourhood.

The landscaping features a sea-to-shore theme with a mixture of seaside and woodland native planting, with the fountain at the heart of the scheme. The plans were developed following a series of community engagement events.

Aberdeen Lord Provost, Dr David Cameron said: “The new Woodside Gateway is a colourful and welcoming addition to the area which I’m sure will bring a smile to the faces of passing locals.

“Returning the historic Woodside Fountain to its original location is great to see as it’s an important and prominent part of Woodside’s heritage and history.  I’m delighted to see it returning to the heart of the community area.”

A time capsule was also buried in the mini park area by the Lord Provost and community representatives. The capsule was organised by Woodside Community Council and contains a variety of items including photographs, artworks and community information.

Charlene Kilpatrick, Chair of Woodside and Hilton Community Council said: “The time capsule was the idea of the Community Council because we would like to preserve the history of Woodside and document the community services and community projects for future generations.”

The creation of the new gateway feature is part of the Tilly-Wood Street Design Project and was led by The Street Design Steering Group, Sustrans and Aberdeen City Council along with several local community groups.

A Sustrans Spokesperson said: “The opening of the Woodside Gateway is a welcome and colourful step towards celebrating the heritage and distinctiveness of this vibrant part of Aberdeen.

“We are pleased to have supported the early stages of the design process alongside Aberdeen City Council through the Tilly-wood Street Design Project in 2019 which advocated for a more people friendly neighbourhood in Tillydrone and Woodside.”

The Woodside Gateway feature (part of the Sustrans Street Design Project) has received £125,072.92 from the Scottish Government through the Place Based Investment Fund.

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