Mum’s Pontins getaway wrecked by ‘drunk parents and drugs’

A woman has claimed her family getaway to Pontins was wrecked after staff ‘refused to do anything’ about groups of people ‘ smoking drugs ‘ within the holiday park.

Michelle Waddington visited the Pontins holiday site in Southport for three nights from June 11 to June 14 with her partner Ian and his kids.

She claims that the experience was ruined by drunk parents who were allowing their children to run riot throughout the night.

When Michelle approached a security guard in the hopes that he would resolve the anti-social behaviour, she claimed he refused to do anything.

According to Manchester Evening News, Michelle asked him what his job role actually was and reports that he responded ‘a better job than yours because I don’t have holidays at Pontins’.

“It was supposed to be a break away after both me and my partner both worked though the lockdown period,” Michelle said.

She said it was also a chance for the family to spend time together for the first time in a while.

Unfortunately, she says it was not the break away she had envisioned.

“Drugs were freely being smoked everywhere you turned, kids were running wild until the early hours,” Michelle explained.

“Parents were p***ed up, no masks were being worn, bottles of spirits were being brought into the park and drank in the entertainment area on clear show.

“There were big groups of teenagers walking around with alcohol, which became quite intimidating for my step-children and they refused to leave my side.”

When she mentioned the behaviour to an onsite security guard, Michelle says he refused to react.

“The door guard didn’t have a badge and refused to deal with it,” she said.

“He said it wasn’t his job. So I asked ‘what is your job then?’ to which he replied ‘clearly a better job than you because I don’t have my holidays in Pontins’.”

Michelle says something needs to be done as she believes Southport is a ‘lovely place which is being let down by Pontins’.

She added: “I put a complaint in at reception before we left but I haven’t heard anything back yet.”

Pontins have been approached for comment.

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