Sip into Spring with National Margarita Day in Aberdeen

photo of a large cocktail glass filled with margarita and some lime and salt around the glass rim

Sip into Spring with National Margarita Day in Aberdeen

Add a dash of salt and a slice of lime for a refreshing Margarita cocktail

Sip into Spring with National Margarita Day in Aberdeen! Raise your glasses because today, February 22nd, marks a celebration of one of the most beloved cocktails around the world – the Margarita. As thoughts of warmer Spring days start to emerge, National Margarita Day offers the perfect excuse to indulge in this refreshing mixture and transport yourself to a tropical paradise, even if just for a sip.


Variations on the Classic Margarita

The Margarita, with its blend of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, has earned its place as a classic cocktail known for its zesty flavour and versatility. Whether you prefer it shaken or frozen, on the rocks or blended with fresh fruit, there’s a Margarita variation to suit every taste bud.




Origins of the Margarita

The origins of the Margarita are unclear. Margarita means “daisy” in Spanish, and some believe it was inspired by the Tequila Daisy, an old prohibition-era drink with a similar base of tequila, sugar, and sour flavours. Regardless of its origins, the Margarita has become a beloved staple in cocktail culture, enjoyed by millions worldwide.


Margarita Parties at Home

If you’re looking to celebrate at home, then why not host a Margarita-making party? Set up a DIY Margarita bar with an array of tequilas, limes, salts, sugars, and fruits for guests to mix and match to create their own custom cocktails and bring a dash of Spring. And as for those abstaining from alcohol, virgin Margaritas offer all the flavour without the buzz, making them the perfect option to sip on during daytime celebrations.


Cocktail Bars Serving Up Margaritas in Aberdeen

In Aberdeen, you’ll find no shortage of cocktail bars ready to serve up your favourite Margarita variations. Indeed some venues such as The Spiritualist are offering special promotions on their Margarita menu throughout this month. From classic renditions to fruity twists, establishments like The Tippling House, Bar Below, Bar One-Eighty, and The Mal Bar are sure to satisfy your Margarita cravings. And for a taste of the tropics, venues like Revolución de Cuba offer an authentic Cuban experience complete with expertly crafted Margaritas.

So, whether you’re a Margarita purist or a fan of fruity concoctions, National Margarita Day in Aberdeen is the perfect excuse to raise a glass and toast the arrival of Spring. Cheers to good times, warm weather, and delicious cocktails!


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