Rewriting Your Narrative: Be Inspired Workshop

Rewriting Your Narrative: Be Inspired Workshop

Words have a profound impact on our lives. They can be transformative if used correctly, or detrimental if used incorrectly. The things people say to us, or about us, often not only stay with us but also shape the paths we take in life.

Why is it that we give such power to the words of others and tend to believe them more than we believe in ourselves?

Birgit Itse, a published author based in Aberdeen, is a passionate advocate for the power of language. However, she prefers the title Story Architect. “Pretty much everything I do, whether it’s my books, workshops, talks, or ghostwriting, revolves around the stories people tell themselves, stories they have created, and may wish to rewrite or recreate,” she says.

Combining her experience as a bilingual author, her personal growth journey, and creative writing techniques, she has developed an online workshop. Here, she teaches people how to explore their lives through words and turn their weaknesses into strengths, merely by harnessing the power of words.

“As these exercises I share are so simple, at first I thought everyone was using them. But based on the feedback from my book, ‘The Alphabet of Life,’ I discovered that people don’t really think that way, and thus the workshop was born,” she explains.

On May 28th, 2024, Birgit will lead the “Be Inspired” workshop, an immersive and thought-provoking experience designed to revolutionize life coaching practices. She chose to focus on life coaches because she believes they can positively impact more lives. “Of course, anyone interested in personal growth can join this workshop, but I particularly encourage mindset coaches to participate, as they’ll learn something they can use to better help their clients.”

Birgit Itse has experienced, and observed in others, how our growth often stalls because of the words that hold us back. During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the profound impact of words on thoughts, feelings, and actions. Birgit will guide attendees through straightforward and simple techniques that empower self-reflection, goal-setting, and personal growth.

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is more important than ever. Understanding the power of words not only enhances self-talk but also influences interpersonal dynamics. By gaining invaluable insights into the impact of language, participants will be equipped to rewrite their own narratives and inspire meaningful change in others. The extent of this change can be surprising, as Birgit discovered when she ran a taster session at a local Conscious Aberdeen and Shire meeting group. “It was meant to be 90 minutes, but eventually lasted almost three hours because people really opened up and supported each other.” After that, she further developed the structure, making it ready for the international scene.

“When this workshop was part of the international Creative Bridges conference, I assumed the attendees would be people like me – interested in creativity and personal growth. I was speechless when attendees said they were coaches, therapists, psychologists, and even a couple of psychiatrists. People took this opportunity seriously, and some said they finally have a tool they can share with their clients who struggle to change their perspective on particular life events and tend to get stuck in negative words or situations,” she describes.

By now, she has facilitated this workshop for hundreds of people, both in person and online, and in two languages. “The techniques are the same, as are the emotional and psychological barriers that either allow or prevent people from engaging.” This is why she has limited the spaces for the workshop to 25 people. For those who can’t attend live, or would like to revisit the exercises, there’ll be replay available. To secure your spot, go to Birgit’s website.


About Birgit Itse

Birgit Itse is published author and a non-fiction ghostwriter.

Having lived in Estonia for over 13 years, she worked as a journalist. After relocating to Aberdeen, Scotland, at the end of 2019, she furthered her knowledge about storytelling and writing through international courses, open university studies, and personal mentors. She’s a member of the international network of writers, Dark Angels Writers.

Since Spring 2021, she has been sharing her knowledge and experience through seminars and mentoring, both individually and alongside other experts. Birgit is the author of four books, and in addition, she has contributed as a ghostwriter to memoirs and specialist books for others. Her work has been published in online journals, international anthologies, and on BBC Radio Scotland. She’s the co-founder of the monthly outdoor (the only one in the NE of Scotland) spoken word  Poetry in the Park (every last Sunday of the month at Union Terrace Gardens).  For more information, you can visit