What’s On In Aberdeen: No Ordinary Guide

Photo of person scrolling on google maps for location of Aberdeen

What’s On In Aberdeen: No Ordinary Guide, Embracing a City in Transition

Photo of person scrolling on google maps for location of Aberdeen


Aberdeen is a city that has it all – a rich history and culture, distinctive granite architecture, and surrounding coastal and rural scapes to die for. Typical tourist guides and websites focus on the main attractions and recommend places to stay, eat, shop, and explore in Aberdeen.

While these elements remain a vital part of any guide, “What’s On In Aberdeen” is looking to go above and beyond and offer an experience that isn’t just about where to find the best local cuisine or which historic landmarks to visit.

What’s On In Aberdeen” wants to take you on a journey that captures the very essence of a city in transition, bringing you the latest economic, cultural and social stories that are helping shape what the city is today and will become in the future.




Energy Capital’s Transition to Renewables

Aberdeen’s history is deeply intertwined with the oil and gas industry. The city has played a crucial role in supplying energy resources to the world for many decades. Today, Aberdeen is at a crossroads, transitioning away from oil and gas towards more sustainable renewable energy sources. This shift signifies more than just economic diversification – it’s a reflection of a global need for a more sustainable future.

What’s On In Aberdeen” aims to bring you lots of featured news around this topic – from greener public transport initiatives, innovative wind, tidal and carbon capture projects to the perspectives from local leadership and mainstream energy sector players.


Post-COVID Regeneration and Revival

Like so many places around the world, Aberdeen was not immune to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the city centre was already grappling with a decline due to the oil industry’s downturn. Nevertheless, Aberdeen is showing a remarkable resilience in its efforts to recover and rebuild.

What’s On In Aberdeen” shall be reporting on how “Our Union Street” initiative is helping to smarten up and encourage businesses back to the Granite Mile. In recent months, the city centre has welcomed new independent food outlets, such as Dough & Co and Shot & Roll, while family run jeweller’s Jamieson & Carry are expanding and fashion boutique LoLo & Co are relocating onto Union Street. With a more promising retail scene, as well as a successful campaign to reopen the much loved Belmont Cinema as a sustainable, community venue, there is a new vibrancy about the city centre.

With the recent refurbishment of Union Terrace Gardens and approval just granted for a new look Aberdeen Market, these transformations are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the community and Aberdeen City Council’s commitment to fostering growth, diversity, and economic sustainability.


A Brighter, More Sustainable Future

Aberdeen is very much a city in transition. It’s not just about moving away from a reliance on fossil fuels but also about embracing a holistic approach to development.

These changes represent a city that is resilient, forward-thinking, and committed to building a brighter, more sustainable future. So, whether you call Aberdeen home or a just passing through, “What’s On In Aberdeen” takes pride in providing coverage of the Granite City’s transformative journey.

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