What’s On In Aberdeen October 25th: Celebrate World Pasta Day

Dried pasta to celebrate world pasta day

Whether you prefer it saucy, cheesy, or with a dash of olive oil and herbs, there’s no denying that pasta dishes are loved by us all! World Pasta Day, celebrated on October 25th, is the perfect occasion to pay homage to this beloved Italian staple. What better excuse do you need to head out and eat some delicious pasta? What’s On In Aberdeen has a few recommendations of where to eat authentic Italian in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas:

The History of Pasta:

The word “pasta” comes from the Italian term for dough. It is thought to have been introduced to Italy during the Middle Ages from Greece and North Africa, but today pasta certainly holds a special place in Italian culture. Each region in Italy has an incredible variety of pasta shapes and recipes.

There are in fact over 600 different shapes, from spaghetti (‘cord’), vermicelli (‘little worms’), rotini (‘spirals’), fusilli (‘spindles’), tortellini (‘little cakes’), linguini (‘little tongues’), conchiglie (‘shells’), fettuccine (‘small ribbons’), penne (‘quills’), orecchiette (little ears) to capellini (‘fine hairs’). Whatever shape or size, pasta is the essential element in making a finely balanced dish full of sophistication and simplicity.

It’s no wonder, then, that back in 1995, pasta producers from around the world decided to hold a World Pasta Congress to celebrate creative ways to enjoy pasta while highlighting its nutritional and sustainable aspects.

Authentic Italian Restaurants in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire:

This north east corner of Scotland may be a far cry from the sun-soaked shores of Italy, but the culinary scene here offers a delightful taste of authentic Italian pasta dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Spaghetti Bolognese or more adventurous gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce, this list of restaurants by What’s On In Aberdeen has you covered:

1. Da Vinci, Aberdeen



Da Vinci is an award-winning Italian Restaurant, tucked down Alford Lane, and prides itself in creating fresh seasonal dishes, some with a Tuscan twist. Check out the ravioli made with a wild boar filling. It also has a great vegan menu.





2. Poldinos, Aberdeen

spaghetti with clams




Poldinos is a firm favourite! This well-established, family run restaurant can be found just off vibrant Belmont Street. Their menu showcases classics such as spaghetti with clams or penne pasta with courgettes.







3. Borsalino, Peterculter

orchietti with broccoli and anchovies



Borsalino has a reputation for being one of the best Italian restaurants in the North East of Scotland serving up a mixture of classic and new Italian dishes. The ambience is very relaxed and friendly and if you’re lucky you’ll get to enjoy Salvatore’s singing! Lots of pasta dishes on offer including orecchiette friarielli, ear shaped pasted with anchovies and broccoli.



4. Mamma Mia, Banchory

panciotti, pasta parcels filled with prawns



Mamma Mia prides itself on serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients and has a reputation for warm, friendly service. Their menu is seasonal but if you get a chance, try the Panciotti Gamberoni e Cappesante, pasta parcels filled with scallops and prawns.





5. La Casa Bella, Inverurie



La Casa Bella is a chic establishment offering a pleasant fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. As well as serving great dishes such as linguine gambroni, king prawns, you’re sure to be greeted with a warm, friendly service.




As World Pasta Day approaches, there’s no better way to celebrate than by exploring the delicious world of pasta at these authentic Italian restaurants. Whether you’re a fan of traditional pasta dishes or eager to try something new, these eateries offer a taste of Italy right on your doorstep.

So, mark your calendar for October 25th, and get ready to twirl your fork into a delicious plate of pasta with What’s On In Aberdeen!.
Buon appetito!

These restaurants are just a selection of the many restaurants on offer in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. For more ideas on where to eat and things to do in Aberdeen, head over to What’s On In Aberdeen .

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